The world has no shortage of profitable ecommerce business ideas. But which ones are worth trying and which ones are not? It can be hard to tell. An e-commerce store has a lot of potential buyers, because there are more than 1.92 billion people who buy their needs online. This makes it a worthwhile endeavor for those who wish to find a good source of income.

So if you are wondering which ecommerce business ideas are worth trying, keep reading.

How to Build an Online Store?

Building an online store has never been easier in these days. All you need is a website hosting, domain name, and some kind of ecommerce website builder. Even if you don't have any design and coding skills and experience, you can get one up and running in a matter of minutes.

This is thanks to what are known as website builders, and there are plenty of them out there. The most popular website builders require no programming or website building experience.

Alternatively, you can design an online store for free with WordPress and use a plugin like WooCommerce to handle the ecommerce side of things. It's a great and cost-effective solution, compared to traditional website builders that charge a monthly fee.

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Ecommerce Business Ideas 

On top of providing you with a large customer base, there are plenty of reasons why owning an e-commerce store makes sense. For example, it is estimated that by 2024, 21.8% of all retail sales will come from e-commerce sales. Such figures show that e-commerce has become a major player in the global commerce game. So without further ado, here are eight of the best ecommerce business ideas to try in 2022.

1- Beauty and Health Products

The beauty and health industries are among the largest in the world. Even today, with all these business ideas available online, they are still very profitable. This idea is especially good for people with great ecommerce marketing skills. As long as you are able to communicate the importance of the products you sell in people's lives, your chances of success are high.

2- Selling Second Hand Products

People don't mind second-hand products as long as they are high quality and in good condition. All you have to do is start collecting those used items, such as clothes, jewelry, and furniture, and post them on your e-commerce site. You should also make sure that you are offering them at competitive prices with other stores. You can start by testing how well this idea is performing locally before expanding your reach.

3- Smart Watches

In 2018, smartwatch sales figures reached 141 million units globally. The smartwatch industry has almost grown to a staggering $19 billion in global sales.

According to Allied Market Research, the global smartwatch market is expected to be worth $96.31 billion by 2027, registering a compound annual growth rate of 19.6% from 2020 to 2027. Whether you're using it to track steps or planning today, innovation is the name of the game for watches. Smart - This is why the demand will also increase in the following year. It is safe to say that the startup idea has great potential and could be the winning product for 2022 and the years to come.

4- Smart Home Products

People like to connect all their devices so that they can anticipate their needs and talk to each other. For example, coming home from work and opening the garage door should indicate that the air conditioner is on. At the same time, it should point to the smart speaker to play some soothing music if you're stressed. Stress levels can be checked from the mood tracker app on your smartphone.

As you can see, the Internet of Things allows you to create a smart home. Despite the potential of the Internet of Things and how people love this technology, not many people sell these devices online. In the end, this is one of the best profitable ecommerce business ideas. It creates an opportunity for you to make a profit by selling these products.

5- Online Educational Courses

There are many successful entrepreneurs and teachers who have valuable knowledge to share all over the world. And you can build online stores where these people can create courses and sell them to people. While there may be a lot of platforms selling courses, the demand is very high. There are so many fields, niches, and professions that one platform cannot provide them all.

6- Selling eBooks

Selling e-books is one of the best e-commerce ideas for 2022. You can write the books yourself or have someone write them for you. As long as you can write something of value on any popular educational topic, you will have the opportunity to sell a good number of copies.

7- Content Writing

Content writing is a valuable service, and its value increases with time. If you are good at writing content, you can create an online store where you can sell your services. (You can even pre-write the content and offer it for sale.) Of course, you may want to make yourself affordable and available at first. But once the business is up, you can increase your rates and set your times.

8- Digital Marketing

This is not exactly a product. You are selling a service. There is an incredible demand for digital marketing and more and more people are looking for services in this sector. If you have skills related to SEO or anything that falls into the field of digital marketing, you can start using them right away.

It's a great way to make more money on the side, and you can also eventually win some clients in the long run. Now more than ever, businesses need digital marketing experts to promote their sites, and you can always benefit from them!

9- Kids Toys and Games

With video games, smartphones, and tablets, it seems that children no longer appreciate traditional toys and games. However, this is not true - this is evidenced by the fact that game companies continue to make them. Children still play with dolls and action figures, and there is a market for them. Start with a small investment to see which games are popular and grow your selection from there.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of e-commerce business ideas in the world today. Some are worth pursuing and some are not. It is up to the wise entrepreneur to research and see which one to try. Check out some of these great ecommerce podcasts for inspiring stories and ideas.

You see, you can sell a lot of things online (just about anything), from health and beauty products to toys and games for kids. Being able to open an online store is one of the greatest joys and benefits of living in the internet age, and you are able to make a good profit.