As women with so much on our plates, between the demands of motherhood and the time constraints of our careers, dressing in a way that makes us feel both confident and stylish seems like a far-fetched goal. But it is not!

Have you ever noticed that there are some women with a consistent quality about them who feel effortless and totally polished? You get the impression that the way they dress comes naturally, and what feels impossible to you seems like an innate skill they possess.

The truth, for these women, is that fashion has nothing to do with hidden talent but rather depends more on knowing what works for them and following some guidelines. They build a strategy for their personal style so that the majority of the guesswork is taken off the bat and getting dressed in the morning is easy.

Scroll down for the best 8 style tips for women who work regardless of your size, budget, or beauty, that will help you automate your wardrobe and eliminate confusion in what to wear.

Best Style Tips for Women


The first step in establishing your sense of style is building your message. Think of this as your personal brand - an outward package that shows the world exactly who you are on the inside and highlights your strongest qualities.

Start by asking yourself how you would like to be seen by the people you interact with. Choose words that paint a vivid mental picture of how you want to represent yourself. Qualities such as strength, compassion, sophisticated, and intelligence provide a scale to rate your image against, so it's important to be as clear and brief as possible.



Studying the work of those who have mastered a skill is a useful place to start when learning something new. As you begin to frame your style sense, it pays to draw inspiration from people who fit your template.

Whether it's celebrities, politicians, TV personalities, or co-workers, make a list of the people you see constantly dressed in elegant clothes. Knowing who you're looking for helps you better identify your preferences while building your own unique personal style.

This exercise is often difficult. As habitual creatures, it's hard to imagine ourselves wearing something other than what we know. For now, ignore the natural reluctance to step outside your comfort zone and focus instead on what appeals to you.


The clothes you wear reflect your personality. It should strengthen your image and be an expression of your true self, don't force it. This means not pinning your feet in a 5-inch heel that requires an hour of foot massage at the end of the workday if you're more comfortable in flats, or if you're just wearing the latest trends because all your friends are ready for it.

If you're not sure how you feel about something, take the authenticity test by asking yourself 3 simple questions: Does the outfit feel comfortable or will I constantly modify it? Do I trying to be someone I am not? Do these clothes bring me joy and I'm excited to wear them? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are good to go! If not, find another option.


When it comes to style tips for women, this method is non-negotiable.

If you are torn between style and comfort, always choose what is the best. When you are uncomfortable or restricted in any way, you will not be able to show strength. The old adage that beauty is pain is not a fact to which we should attribute. As women, we combine busy jobs on top of raising children and family life. The last thing we have to worry about is spending an 8-hour workday in a dress that sucks life out of us or jeans that feel too restrictive. There is always an alternative, equally elegant, that we can find.

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Create a collection of images that reflect your sense of style - find clothes you want to try on, icons that embody your beauty, and anything else you can use as a reference to help you build your personal brand.

Pinterest is a great platform for gathering ideas. Their algorithm is quick to learn your preferences and provide personalized recommendations.

Alternatively, you can save photos to a dedicated folder on your phone, or cut photos from magazines and create a physical mood board.

Collecting photos allows you to see what your preferences look like as a whole and easily identify patterns to your taste. This visual frame serves as your style guide as you begin to put the clothes together and decide what to wear.

7- Value what you have and leave out what doesn't

Clarifying the image you create for yourself will help you honestly and objectively evaluate what's in your closet. You've probably been wearing the same thing for years, not because you chose it strategically but because it was so familiar. It's time to be more methodical about what you wear.

Review your current wardrobe piece by piece to determine if each item matches the style you plan to achieve. The obligation to give up anything that does not correspond. Sticking to clothes away from the emotional attachment will only ensure that you repeat old patterns.


Understanding your body shape is an essential part of successfully achieving a great sense of personal style. When you know which cuts and silhouettes work best for your body, you eliminate a lot of confusion about what to wear and a closet full of things not to wear.

One of the best style tips for women is learning how to balance. If you're carrying more weight at the bottom, the trick is to balance it out by adding more bulk at the top (think structured shoulders, and jackets with chest pockets). If your chest or shoulders are too big to fool your eye to create visual balance by putting more weight on your lower half (eg, A-skirt, wide-leg pants).

Women who wear easy clothes know exactly what pleases their bodies and what to avoid, always enhancing their best assets. If you are not sure what you look like, do some research on the most common women's body shapes so that you can easily determine which category you fall into.

The most important part of developing your style is choosing clothes that you feel comfortable in - and there is nothing better than wearing clothes that enhance your body.